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DIY Vacation Memory Book Tutorial

Elmer's Summer memory Book-15

This summer, we took a fun family trip to the beach. I took a ton of photos, especially on my phone since I love to post on Instagram. So, I thought it would be fun to make a Vacation Memory Book for the photos that I posted.

The Vacation Memory Book I created is the perfect size to display 8-1/2″ square photos. I just printed them out on regular computer paper and trimmed. on the other side of each page, i put some simple wording onto 8-1/2″ square cardstock to correspond to each photo. I am really happy with the result of a clean and simple memory book to display my photos. I wrote this DIY Vacation Memory Book Tutorial so you can also make one.

To create your own vacation memory book, it is easier than you think.  you will need to get the supplies listed below, and then follow the complete tutorial.

• Elmer’s Tri-Fold Display Board
• Spray Adhesive (i like Elmer’s Craft Bond multi-purpose spray adhesive)
• 2 – 12″ x 10″ pieces of fabric
• 10 pictures (cut to 8-1/2″ x 8-1/2″)
• cardstock with corresponding wording for pictures (cut to 8-1/2″ x 8-1/2″)
1 (cut to 8-3/4″ x 9-3/4″)
1 (cut to 8-3/4″ x 8-1/2″)
1 (cut to 8-3/4″ x 1-1/4″)
• ribbon
• 1 package double-fold bias tape
• embellishments and/or tag to decorate cover
• hot glue gun & hot glue sticks
• scissors
• Exacto knife

Directions to Make a Vacation Memory Book

For the pages:
Cut the display board into 10 (8-1/2″ x 9-3/4″ pieces) & 2 (9″ x 10″) with an Exacto knife.

Glue your photos onto the right side of the smaller boards leaving 1-1/2″ of left side of the board uncovered. turn the photo board over and score that side in 1-1/4″. (the scoring will help the pages bend better. Be careful not to cut all the way through the board.)

After you are finished scoring each page, put your pages in the order you want your book to read.  then, using spray adhesive, glue the colored cardstock with words onto the other side of each page. Make sure you put the right wording onto the correct pages.

Cut double fold bias tape into 8-1/2″ strips. Hot glue each piece over the outer left side edge of each page.

Once each page has been cover by double-sided bias tape, using a glue gun, glue all the pages together along the spine. make sure they are in the right order.  while the glue is still hot, you can adjust to make sure they are lined up well.

You will end up with a fully glued stack of pages that are ready to place into the cover of your book.

Directions for making the cover
Using the spray adhesive, spray the wrong side of the fabric and place one of the larger pieces of cardboard on top, white side down.

First, fold up each of the 4 corners making a 45º angles.

Then fold up the sides to completely wrap the board. do this to both of the large boards.

adding the ribbon tie to the cover
Take the board that will be the bottom cover and glue the ribbon to it with hot glue. leave at least 1′ of ribbon hanging off the right side. Do not cut the ribbon on the left side. leave on the spool.

Using spray adhesive, glue cardstock over the ribbon to the inside if the bottom cover.

Then using spray adhesive, glue the spine of your stack of pages to the bottom cover with hot glue.

Take the front cover of your book and score the side that will be the spine, 1-1/2″ in (you will cut the fabric, but do not go all the way through the cardboard.). By scoring, your top cover should bend nicely.

This part is a little trick to explain. For the top cover, you need to allow enough ribbon slack to go accross the spine. approximately 1-3/4″. then lay the next part of the ribbon accross the cover and glue down the section on the spine. (the 1-1/2″ before the score.)

Using spray adhesive, glue the 8-3/4″ x 1-1/4″ cardstock over the ribbon and cover. then bend the cover back creating ribbon slack. continue to glue the ribbon across the rest of the cover. using spray adhesive, glue the 8-3/4″ x 8-1/2″ cardstock over the ribbon and cover.

You are almost done now! close the cover of your memory book and cut to ribbon to the desired length. If you would like to add ribbon and a tag to the top of your book, here’s how…

Add the top ribbon by tying the tail to the top ribbon with a knot.

Then slide your cover tag onto the ribbon. you may want to then glue down your tag to the cover.

Continue to wrap the ribbon around the album and tie the other end to the ribbon attached to the back cover.

Tie all the ribbons together to close your book. and with that you Vacation Memory Book is finished!

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Popsicle Blog Road Trip: The Real UP House

The Real Up House in Herrington Utah - Family Travelif you followed our road trip adventures last summer, you probably saw a few pictures from our photo shoot at The Real Up House. yes!!!! there is a real life UP House, a replica of Carl and Ellie’s colorful house from Disney’s movie UP. it is located in Herriman, Utah, just south west of Salt Lake City.

i had seen the The Real UP House in the news a few years back, and when our road trip route was planned to go through Utah, i was determined to have a family photo shoot there. i knew this would be a special opportunity and also a fun way to remember our road trip, so i made sure to bring Disney bound inspired clothing for the whole family to capture the moment perfectly.

The Up House - Family Travel Utah

seeing The Real Up House in person was magical. the architecture, every detail and the colors, are perfect. you feel like you are in the movie. just looking at it puts a smile on my face, it was such a fun and unique experience.

a family owns and lives in The Real UP House, so if you want to have a photo shoot at the home, you need to make an appointment and sign waivers. there is a small fee to use the outside of the house in your photos. it costs more money if you want to take photos on the inside…which is also decorated just like the movie….with Carl and Ellie’s furniture and decor! the homeowners also have props that you can rent to enhance your photos. if all that you want to do is drive by and snap a photo with your phone, there is no charge. but i highly recommend doing a photo shoot, even a mini shoot. you will be so glad you did. and DON’T FORGET TO BUY BALLOONS! you can’t take pictures at the Real UP House without balloons, they add so much to the photos….it is so worth it when you get adorable photos like these.

with the chaos of getting ready for our road trip, i was able to set up and book a photo shoot with The Real Up House, but unable to secure a photographer because i wasn’t certain what day we would be near Harriman. luckily, my brother was in Utah at the time, and him and Lynette (the home owner who is wonderful) were able to help capture photos of our family. the photos aren’t “professional”, but i love them and they are a fun memory of our popsicle adventure.

as you can see the boys had a blast reenacting the movie…Up House - Popsicle Blogas so did my husband and i.Up House - Best Places to Take Pictures in Utahwe took photos around every angle of the house, and got some great colorful shots.
The Up House - Family Travel
i couldn’t have asked for a more perfect way to capture our family and the adventure we were on. the quote “Adventure is Out There” truly described this amazing road trip we were on.
Up House - Family TravelThe Real Up House - Family Traveli couldn’t leave without snapping a selfie with the UP House homeowner, Lynette. she is a wonderful person and we connected instantly. she has a wonderful story about how they became the owners of The Real UP House, and if you follow the Disney Blogs, you might recognized her as one of the Disney Mom panelists. also, be sure to check out her Disney inspired art pieces that she sells on The Real Up House website, they are pretty cool.The Real Up House in Herrington Utah - Leanneout of all the destinations on our trip, this was one of the ones i was most looking forward too. i love Disney so much, and the movie UP. also, i love bright colors, and have been dreaming of taking these photos for the longest time.Up House - Jill Parkin OC Mom Blogit was sad to leave when our photo shoot was over, but we had to continue our adventure. i know that the next time we drive though Utah, The Real UP House will be on out list of destinations. i hope that it is on your list too!
The Real Up House in Utah - Family Travel

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Sneak Peek at Knott’s Boardwalk Expansion

hey! do you know where i am? i’m behind the scenes at Knott’s Berry Farm’s Boardwalk Expansion project. you know how much i love Knott’s, so when they invited me to check out what is happening on the Knott’s Boardwalk, i was excited to check it out.

opening May 28th, Knott’s Berry Farm will be opening some new attractions along the Knott’s Boardwalk, including a roller coaster, two rides and the refurbished Timber Mountain Log Ride.

and the rides are going to be great, classic boardwalk carnival rides perfect for families. the Pacific Scrambler will be one of my kids favorites.

and the Surfside Gliders, which i never tried, look like so much fun.

and this. the Coast Rider is a unique rollercoaster that zig zags in the sky. i hear that it’s a lot faster than it looks. be prepared for a wild ride.

and lastly, one of Knott’s favorites, the Timber Mountain Log Ride open since 1969, has been getting a complete makeover. however it will keep it’s old time charm, but will now be furbished with robotic, life-like miners, animals and landscapes.

Knott’s is working round the clock to make our favorite log ride attraction and new and exciting pastime to share with our friends and family. here is a sneak peek of the action.

yep, not much to see yet, but i hear it’s going to be fantastic. so be sure to make plans to ride it this summer. the kiddies and i are super excited. we have this fun memory of riding it together. ha ha ha…they loved it!

and we can’t wait for the rest of the Knott’s Boardwalk to open either.
to keep up with Knott’s Berry Farm News, follow them.

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{disclosure: this is not a sponsored post. i was invited by Knott’s for a complimentary tour to see what is happening with the Boardwalk Expansion. all thought and opinions are my own. }